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Menthol powder is an essential item and used as the main ingredient in many products. This product is manufactured by many companies, but you need to refer a particular one that is perfectly reliable and has a good experience for a long time. Menthol powder and Mint Mixes have a greater demand throughout the world and these are produced in India in larger amounts because of the availability of resources. You need to select a manufacturing industry that can produce amazing quality products and that can supply the content without hassles. The DockMate International Pvt. Ltd. is such a renowned company situated in India hailed with notable records as the Menthol powder suppliers with proven success.

Menthol Powder

Menthol is extracted from the Mint plant followed by proper procedures. It is a primary component in the peppermint oil and pain relievers. It is used in various industries because of its chemical structure and the ability to give beneficial properties to the item. It has a vast placement in medicines because of its alleviating property of different allergies, cold, and breathing problems of humans. As Mint contains various vitamins and minerals in it, its extracts also carries the same components that are valuable to mankind.

The DockMate International Pvt. Ltd.

DockMate International Pvt. Ltd. is the only reliable company that offers prominent services to the clients. It maintains the standards of being the heart of Mentha creating territory in India with good infrastructure. It has been the major and elaborated system in India with experienced work power and enthusiasm in the Mint industry. It continuously exhibits the operational efficiency supported by proper implementation of the research, production, and marketing standards to meet global requirements. Major quality foundation and ranchers are arranged in Central, Southern, and Eastern Uttar Pradesh to gain enormous productivity. Because of its enlightened formulas, It has been creating a very broad system of ranchers and framework in Madhya Pradesh for the past five years. The great recognition is achieved as the best one of  Menthol Crystals Exporters in the world with standard excellence.

Mint Fixings and related products

DockMate company is the main maker of mint fixings that are desperately needed in so many industries.   It produces different mint mixes that are used for different purposes. Its production is mainly regular menthol but also takes care of all the essential products that are key elements in various things. It does not compromise on any step of the process until it reaches the customer. Every phase of production, quality check, grading, packing, selling, and exporting is given importance and performed in proper order by efficient professionals. The company concentrates on the quality of every product and also customer satisfaction because these are the milestones of a successful business. Being the leading Menthol Crystals Manufacturers in India, it negotiates every single customer with amicable correspondence and fulfills their requirements with good support.

Quality products

All the products are offered at reasonable prices and all would be delivered with proper care and commitment. The packing and exporting are down with the state of the art standards and measures in a careful manner. DockMate has a successful history of exporting Menthol powder and other products with good compliance with huge companies. Its reputation is growing because it is maintaining perfect production with superior quality. Expert and experienced professionals in Dockmate concentrates on delivering good quality products using their utmost talent. A regular audit is done in the company to take action and modify procedures to bring out the best quality items.  The main success behind the company is a customer relationship throughout the globe. The customers are significantly entertained with an insistent habit of communication and imposed responsibility towards their needs. Its main motto is customer satisfaction and is perfectly maintained with sensible interference to achieve successful transactions.

Ideal services of DockMate

Supply and export are the two vital steps in serving customers and need to be imperative and to be completed followed by global standards. Dockmate takes care of well being of the products, supply chain, and customer satisfaction. It has a versatile position with huge deals all over the world and especially it maintains its position to be a majestic Menthol Crystal Suppliers in China.  The export quality materials are supplied throughout the world followed by a set of laws, rules, and regulations. All the safety precautions are taken to deliver the products without any damage.

Contact for the ultimate deal

Select the company like the DockMate International Pvt. Ltd. that is entirely dependable for superior quality products. Being a popular Menthol powder supplier for many countries, it offers Menthol powder, Menthol crystals, and Menthol oil that are created at its plant. The prices of the products are affordable and value for its quality that is the essential quality to mix in other products.


Shelf Life1 Year
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