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India is the origin of so many herbal, ayurvedic, and chemical products since it as enormous resources to grow and make such products. Medicinal plants are grown widely to derive chemicals from their roots, leaves, stems, and flowers. One such plant is Mentha which is an aromatic herb that is also called Pudina. Menthol and Peppermint oil are produced from this herb which both have a significant role in so many industries and useful in daily lives too.  Popular industries like the Dockmate International Pvt. Ltd. Manufacture menthol and peppermint oil and also deserves the position of gigantic menthol essential oil manufacturers in India. It maintains the efficiency in production, supply, export, and operational management which are important to be a dependable contractor.

Derivation of oils

The Dockmate Company is the leading manufacturers and exporters of Peppermint and Menthol oil in India. The watermint and spearmint plants are grown and the dried leaves are processed with steam distillation and filtration to get Menthol and other derivatives. Dockmate takes care of the quality of products from start to end until the preparation of the end product. It takes care of supplying regular Menthol and Mint fixes according to the client’s requirement. Menthone and Menthyl Acetate are particular ingredients in peppermint oil so that it becomes in a concentrated form. Dockmate is the leading menthol oil supplier in China and exports larger quantities of mint mixes. The reason behind the success of Dockmate is the creation of genuine products, taking care of quality

Peppermint Product

The concentrated form of Menthol is derived as peppermint that is a mint mix of pale yellow with refreshing mint odor. The Peppermint oil is provided in liquid form that can be dissolved in an alcoholic solution. Its mint flavor offers a cool sensation in the mouth if it is mixed in food items. It shows the neutral condition in the litmus solution and has a specific gravity of 0.900g to 0.916g. This product, Mentha Arvinses shows optical rotation between -10 degree to -30 degree and refractive index from 1.460 to 1.467. In total, this product contains more than 50 percent of Menthol content and available in different blends.

The extensive application of oils

The menthol oil and its concentration form peppermint oil are utilized in many industries throughout the world such as in foods, flavors, perfumes, and mainly in pharmaceuticals.  A great demand exists for the menthol and its derivatives throughout the globe. The Dockmate proudly participates in highly productive manufacturing and exporting superior quality methol. It occupies the leading role as one of the menthol crystals exporters in India. Menthol is widely used in different health conditions to control the situations besides medication. Peppermint oil is famous and used in different applications,  mainly in the topical gels and ointments, mostly that are pain killers. Dockmate can supply larger amounts of mint fixes to meet global requirements. It has been a loyal menthol crystals exporter for many countries throughout the globe and satisfying their requirements.

The specific need for Peppermint Oil

The Dockmate Company supplies the products in the form that suits as an ingredient in various elements. The product is provided as per dosage used in oral sprays, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Medicated oils, balms, and sprays also contain this product in a specific range. Chewing gums, candies and lozenges have a great impact in having this as the main ingredient. Tobacco products, cigarettes, and chewing gums have a strong effect provided by this content. Shaving lotions, shampoos, and refreshing gels need to have menthol to give a cooling result to the users. Methol in crystal form gives an improved and immense effect to be used in.

Packing of Menthol

Packing of Menthol crystals is taken care of to be safely packed in two bags insulated with Thermocol covering. Mint Oil is packed in galvanized iron drums with full protection. The Dockmate has good recognition in handling and supplying goods to the customers. The packaging is done according to the customer’s requirements and supplied in the best condition. It takes care of exporting to different countries followed by loyal formalities and authorities. Dockmate gives 24/7 support to the customers and provides authorized services.

A reliable supplier

Dockmate International Pvt. Ltd. Produces all types of mint fixes, especially Menthol oil and peppermint oil in superior quality. This is a reliable and perfectly suitable company for you to depend on and acquire unique and original products.  It is a recognized and well-known Menthol powder supplier in India that cares for complete customer satisfaction.  Its products are provided at affordable rates and a good relationship is maintained with its clients. complete client assistance is given during the agreement of the product supply and management.

Specifications for Peppermint Oil (Ex. Mentha Arvinses) 
DescriptionColourless or pale yellow liquid with a refreshing mint odour.
Solubility1 ml dissolves in 4 ml of 70% alchohol
TasteCool Sensation in mouth and characteristic mint flavour
Acidity / AlkalinityNeutral to Litmus Solution
Specific Gravity0.900g – 0.916g
Optical Rotation-10° to -30°
Refractive Index1.460 – 1.467
Fixed Oils and FatsNegative
L-Menthol Content37% – 40%
Total Menthol ContentNot less than 50%
This Oil is available in various blends depending on the requirement of the user. 
 Menthol Crystals & Peppermint Uses 
CategoryProductsSuggested Dosage
Oral ProductsToothpaste
Oral sprays
1.0% -2.0%
Pharmaceutical ProductsDrugs
Compresses Medicated Oils
Analgesic balms
Rubbing Alcohol
0.1% – 0.2%
2.0% – 4%
2.0% – 3%
1.0% – 1.2%
Confectionery GoodsChewing Gum
Hard Candies
Cough Drops
0.05% – 0.1%
0.05% – 0.1%
Tobacco GoodsRegular Cigarettes
Menthol Cigarettes
0.1% – 0.2%
Weak Effect
 Pipe Tobacco
Chewing Tobacco
 0.2% – 0.45%
Strong Effect
0.05% – 0.1%
Perfumed ProductsLotions
Pre-shave Lotions
Foot Sprays
Refreshing Towels
Cooling Gels
0.2% – 0.3%
0.1% – 0.2%
0.2% – 0.5%
Peppermint OilsMenthol Crystals and its derivatives can also be added to various peppermint oil compositions to enhance the cooling and refreshing effects, like perfumes, Eau De Toilettes, Deodorants, etc. 
Menthol CrystalsMint Oil
Insulation is provided by the inner covering of Thermocol and the crystals itself are packed in two polythene bags. Packed 25 Kilograms net in a fibre Drum 1FCL contains 360 drums of total net weight 9000 Kilograms.Packed 180 Kilograms net in Galvanized Iron Drums. 1FCL contains 80 drums of total net weight 14400 Kilograms