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India has acquired abundant natural resources that are very much prolific for mankind in different forms. Especially when we talk about the raw elements used in various products, those are available here explicitly. The chemical products are produced and exported to other countries in order to serve the necessities that exist throughout the globe. Especially recognized Menthol Crystals Exporters are existing in India, who is the earnest to distribute Mint extracts to the world. Reliable companies like the ‘Dockmate International Pvt. Ltd’ are the pillars to grow the economy and build a good rapport with well-developed countries.


Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals are prepared from the Mint (Pudina) plants through a particular process. Mint and menthol products are widely used in many industries because of its medicinal properties. Especially these are used in food, medicines, body sprays, confectionaries, and many others. Menthol crystals contain stimulating fragrance along with sweetness in taste that are the good qualities supported for its use even in restorative businesses. Menthol crystals must be manufactured very carefully to retrieve their original characteristics and elements. Proper care must be taken during their preparation to not lose an astonishing presentation of mint.  Generally, menthol crystals are prepared to be in needle-like or hexagonal shapes with the characteristics of colorlessness and transparency.  These are stored in a cool and dry place to avoid sunlight and moisture.

Enormous benefits of Menthol

Menthol crystals are used in solid or liquid form in various products. Its smell is very strong and the content gives a very cooling sensation. If it is applied to the skin, a person gets a sensation of calmness due to its fragrance and gives mental relaxation and stress relief.  Its presence in the mouth freshener and body sprays has a huge impact on the positive effect. Menthol crystals are also used in treating lungs, colds, and other body ailments. It is also used in the kitchen in making different good items with a sweet taste. The sun burns get alleviated by using menthol crystal components as a remedy which gives very effective results. Skin problems like itching and allergies are also get cured using the medicines that contain Menthol.

Production of Menthol Crystals

Menthols crystals hold a revitalization capacity and additional properties that are highly recommended in various products. They are created according to the need of pharmaceutical, confectionery, and other industries. The manufacturing companies need to take care of preparing them as per customer’s requirements and make them eligible to supply.  In terms of exporting, they need to take special care to meet international quality and interest levels. The export quality items are handles with special concentration by taking care of starting from production, packing, pricing, and exporting them to the destination. The Dockmate is the company that produces Menthol crystals and Menthol oil in huge quantities to satisfy the needs of the customers. The utilization of export quality menthol crystals in the United States is considered a big deal for Indian companies and also produce them in large quantities.

The DockMate International Company

DockMate International Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned company for manufacturing Menthol crystals, Mint Fixings, and many more products. Especially, It is popular as a reliable menthol crystals manufacturers in India that supplies its valuable products throughout the globe. Besides manufacturing, it significantly performs supplying and exporting its products with a wonderful brand value. It stands as a trustworthy supplier and exporter in India, it always maintains the relationship with customers to depart extensive services nobly. Dockmate holds an eminent recognition because of showing keen interest to manufacture, pack, and export the Menthol Crystals according to universal standards.

Efficiency in Exporting

The package of menthol crystals is done in different types according to the specification of the customers. As they need to keep in a cool and dry place, the packing also is taken care of in terms of exporting the goods to far off locations. The general specification of package comes with  25 kg of net material in fiber drum containers. Menthol crystals are exported according to the reach of all of the productions such as flavors, pain balms, confectionaries, pan masalas, cosmetics, fragrances, hair oils, shampoos, kinds of toothpaste, mouth fresheners, cough drops, perfumes, and chewing gums. All the transportation and exporting norms are followed and satisfied during the delivery because the main motto of the DockMate company is customer satisfaction.

Reliability and competence

The Dockmate International Pvt. Ltd. is the best manufacturer and exporter in India with abundant experience. It offers Menthol crystals and Mint fixings at affordable and reasonable prices that are commendable for the superior quality products. Being a well known Menthol Crystal Suppliers in the USA and other countries, It rapidly works out to deliver precious products to attain customer’s contentment.


Colorless, Transparent Hexagonal Or Needlelike Crystals;


Having Characteristic Odor Of Natural Menthol Obtained From Menthol Avensis Oil;

Melting Point:

42 – 44°C;

Non-volatile Matter:

0.05% Maximum;

Specific Rotation(25℃):

-50°- -49°

AS Content:


Heavy Metal Content:


Chemical Constituents:

99.50 min Laevo-menthol




To be kept in cool & dry Places below 33*c , avoid sunlight and moisture


Fiber Drums of 25 kg net


Perfumery, Mouth Freshner,Chewing gum,Cough drops, Tooth Paste, Hair oil, Shampoo,Confectionary, Pan Masala, Flavours,Pain Balm cosmetics and Fragrances.