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DockMate International Pvt Ltd. is the main maker of mint fixings, including regular menthol and mint mixes, menthol crystals for sale, concentrating on our quality and client assistance. GMP, Kosher, Halal accreditation, and our items take into account different worldwide modern areas including FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Flavor, and Fragrances.

Being situated in the core of Mentha oil delivering, we straightforwardly get from ranchers and it gives us the cost bit of leeway which is additionally given to the purchasers

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Bolstered by very good quality lab and talented professional we convey premium quality mint arrangements. HCI respects steady conveyance of value item as our top need. We consistently audit our generation procedures to convey best in exchange quality.


Being situated in heart of mentha creating territory in India and having the best foundation and ranchers arrange in Central , Eastern and Southern UP, our costs are aggressive which is additionally given to our customers.


Supported via prepared and experienced work power we constantly improve our procedures to achieve operational proficiency best in Mint Trade. Over most recent 5 years we have created broad system of ranchers and framework in MP.


We have prevalent generation office concentrating on quality and well being of our item. We work completely to guarantee that our items satisfy and meet every one of the necessities of important around the world, EU or explicit nation Product Safety Standards and Directives.